In holding corp. 's textile group attaches great importance to product research and development work,Constantly increase investment in science and technology research and development,Continue to strengthen the construction of innovation platform。Especially in the two years ago the new technology research and development center,To strengthen the cooperation with the national textile product development center,New product development performance significantly。

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In many brand founded in2004Years,2007In formal registration,In2012Formally established a zhejiang in holding group co., LTD,And in2016In your promotion has been approved by the state administration for industry and commerce of the state for national no regional holding companies--In holding co., LTD。Company is located in Asia's largest textile market——Zhejiang KeQiao。Thanks“Is in line with the international、The pursuit of excellence”The enterprising spirit of just ten years in the industry set up the image。

      In the textile sector is holding group's main business,Is also one of the core industries。Is a professional production only in the industry“Faux suede”Series of group companies,Since its founding companies,For more than a decade has focused on this kind of fabric。Enterprise to do best、And stronger the main industrial chain,Not only set up a technology research and development center,Also from Italy、The United States、South Korea、Japan and other countries introduced a complete set of automatic chemical fiber、Textiles、Printing and dyeing、Crushed、Compound and other production lines and equipment,In line with international standards to ensure the efficient production and processing capacity and product quality。International companies with the plant and equipment,And in a professional research and development、The high quality production、Operation of the trade advantages, won the domestic and foreign merchants and service integration of universal favor and trust。The company's professional products“Faux suede”,Has now been firmly occupy a certain market share at home and abroad。In addition,We also take the lead in establishes in the industry“Faux suede”Fabrics pavilion as the theme of life,Exhibits fully embodies the faux suede fabric how to apply to:All kinds of clothing、Home textile、Household、Shoes and hats、Gloves、Backpack and so on,More comprehensive、Many areas show the charm of faux suede fabric...